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Brier Creek Vision Care &
The Center for Visual Learning & Rehabilitative Therapy
Dr. Susan Licata Durham, FCOVD
Dr. Pooja J. Patel, OD, FAAO

Vision Therapy and Visual Rehabilitation
10207 Cerny Street, Suite 100 Raleigh, NC 27617

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Brier Creek Vision Care

Success Stories

Before Vision Therapy, tears were a daily part of school for Rachel and mom. Once we started therapy, the tears and frustration were gone. Even the knowledge that we could fix the problem helped.

Things we never noticed, or thought about, have greatly improved as well. Things like coordination, left/right knowledge and visualization; things we had written off as being ÷that's just Rachel have greatly improved. We remember her trying to play basketball and she had such a hard time. Within weeks of Vision Therapy her basketball skills improved so much the coaches were amazed.

We are happy we decided to put Rachel through Vision Therapy. We will admit we cannot wait to see what six more months of therapy will bring.
Christine J., Rachel's parent

Carson's main complaint before entering Vision Therapy was headaches. She would cry with these headaches every day and often I would have to pick her up from school even after she took medication.

Our experience with Vision Therapy has been very positive. It was hard for Carson at first because she didn't think she was sick and nothing appeared to be visibly ÷broken to her. Once she started getting some relief from the headaches she began to realize what a benefit Vision Therapy was for her.

We used Vision Therapy as a real life lesson. Things worth reaching are not always easy, but with perseverance and hard work Carson achieved her goals. Thank you so much for all your hard work and effort on her behalf. We are so grateful for the help. It truly has changed her life.
Laurie T., Carson's parent

The original symptom that caused us to investigate Vision Therapy was the frequency of headaches that our son was having during the school week [but not on weekends]. After Vision Therapy, headaches are now few and far between. This has been the most dramatic change that we have seen.

Through the process of testing and Vision Therapy, we were made aware of other problem areas. Reading is much improved and our son now enjoys reading for pleasure and not just homework. We are so thankful for this program and all that it has done for our son. We hate to think of what would have happened if we had not discovered Vision Therapy!
Beth E., Patient's parent

Before Vision Therapy, Katie did no reading she wasn't required to do. Now I find her reading on her own, and she enjoys choosing her own books at the library. For a bookworm mother, this is a great joy.
Nita L., Katie's parent

As a result of Vision Therapy, my son is more driven and focused with his school work. He is better able to work with speed and efficiency and unattended. He is more self-confident in his ability to achieve in school.
Maura F., Patient's parent

Frustration level has decreased tremendously in reading and homework activities. Spelling recall has increased using the visualization and visual memory techniques à first semester à all A's!
Diane O., Patient's parent

My son's self confidence is much improved thus affecting his attitude and work effort. His reading skills jumped an entire level, boosting his self-confidence. He is able to concentrate and work more efficiently because his visual comprehension has improved. His attitude about learning and reading are very positive. He now sees himself as doing good work!
Sydney M., Patient's parent

Amber's grades have improved two letter grades in math. She now enjoys reading, where before Vision Therapy she hated reading. This has been the most wonderful thing that has happened to us as parents, as well as Amber.

Amber now has been out of therapy for two months and this 9 weeks grading period she has straight A's! I always knew she could do the work that was presented to her in school, and since Vision Therapy, she has proven that she is an ÷A student.

I have praised Vision Therapy to teachers, principals and parents. This is a solution for visual problems that needs more attention and recognition!
Sherri A., Amber's parent

Through Vision Therapy and home exercises, Sarah's focus problem was corrected and she has re-trained her eyes. She is having a successful academic year in 5th grade. Concentration, comprehension, self-esteem, work pace, and errors are no longer a problem for Sarah! We couldn't have been more pleased with the Vision Therapy services and the progress Sarah made.
Betsy T., Sarah's parent

Improvement in self-confidence; improvement in reading ability; have not experienced any further reluctance in school attendance; he is now at the top of his class instead of lagging behind.
Marlene B., Patient's parent

The Vision Therapy/visual perceptual program has been wonderful for Ricky. School is so much less frustrating this year (for both of us). His teachers have been very interested in and supportive of the program.

For the first time in his life, Ricky is leaving spaces between his words and he can read for a sustained period without the words getting blurry. He doesn't lose his place when he reads anymore. He doesn't get confused on tests and circle the wrong answer even when he knows the right answer. He doesn't have to pretend he can read big books because now he really can. Last year I despaired of him ever being able to read ÷real books, and when Mom is a librarian, that is a true sorrow.

Ricky still gets his b's and d's backwards, but before Vision Therapy, he also reversed a, z, 9, 5, 3, e, q, s, etc. His printing and spelling are still poor, but are much better than last year and he is continuing to improve. It will take awhile to unlearn bad habits and relearn the skills he missed when he literally could not see what he was doing.

The aspect of Vision Therapy for which I am most grateful is that it showed me that there was a reason Ricky had trouble learning to read and write. He wasn't lazy, stupid or ÷just not trying and no amount of fussing at him was going to make it better. It has taken the stress out of our relationship because now I know the problems he faces and what I can do to help him succeed. We don't fight over his homework anymore and it doesn't take him all night to get it done. School is a pleasure, not a trial. Last year I worried whether he would ever be able to graduate from high school. Now I am saving for college.
Myrna P., Ricky's parent

Cyndi is beginning to enjoy reading instead of dreading it. She is reading better and is also reading more difficult books. Her teacher has made the statement that her testing skills have improved as well. Cyndi loved coming to therapy and was very sad when it was over. She says she can tell that therapy has helped her.
Jackie C., Cyndi's parent

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